I truly love my dog more than anything in this world, but man, he has done some TERRIBLE things! Charles is a Boston Terrier and Pug mix, and when he was just a puppy, he would eat EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. He's gotten a little bit better as he's gotten older (he'll be seven this summer), but he's still a giant pain in the butt. He can get away with anything, though, because he's just so darn cute!


Today we asked listeners to tell us about some of the things their pets have done that have gotten them into some trouble, and the results were hilariously bad! Here are some of out favorite stories:

  • Morgan Schmitt - "Somebody got into the LOCKED trash can..."
Morgan Schmitt
  • Michelle Schuerer - "Somehow over the winter last year, my puggle kept sneaking my daughter's socks out of the house. We kept grumbling with our daughter about where all of her socks were going and what she was doing with them. Lo and behold when the snow melted, we found them all."
  • Kate Rose Yoder - "This little 5-pound termite ripped up the couch a couple of weeks ago"
Kate Rose Yoder
  • Courtney J. Mann - "My mom's dog ate my full package of birth control when I was living at home. She called the vet to see what to do and their response was a giggle before saying 'At least you know she won't get pregnant!'"
  • Missy Boardrow - "Bottles ready to take back. Had to spend time rebagging them."
Missy Boardrow
  • Amy Aswegan-Reisner - "Ate eight sticks of butter then puked them on my couch"
  • Elise Andresen Kukuzke - "A few years ago we had a boxer named Lucy. Lucy was very excitable. We were gone one day and Lucy heard her dog friend barking. So she jumped through our kitchen window to go see her."
  • Scott Paul Sondag - "They ate a door"
Scott Paul Sondag
  • Rachel Funk "Never a dull moment with my Huskies! One Thanksgiving one of them grabbed the turkey carcass off the counter and ran out the dog door. Just like our own, true "A Christmas Story" moment"
  • Jodi Burns -
    "Zeus peed on a stranger's leg at the dog park. Stole a pacifier from a neighbor kid and ate it. He has eaten and pooped tons of socks. He has ruined a dog bed into 1000 pieces of fuzz. Plays keep away with slippers and shoes. Zeus eats his own poop.🙄 Zeus is a gem of a dog."

    Jodi Burns
  • Denise Hoffpauir - "My 21-year-old beagle has a TP party when we leave..he gets into the toilet paper and strings it throughout the house"
  • Tony Kempf - "We left our boxer in the truck for 5 minutes with a few groceries we thought we had secured away. He redecorated the entire interior of my truck with a bag of cocoa powder."
  • Ashley Bragg - "We went through 4 couches. We had to always put the cushions away or cover the couches with blankets"
  • Samantha Monroe - "Our newest dog had found a dead garter snake out in the lawn that had been sitting in the sun for a few days and decided to make it a toy and to also roll around it. Two baths later and she still smelled to high heaven."
  • Amy Volz - "Dug up and ate snapping turtle eggs from the yard and puked them all up on the living room carpet."
  • Mindy Lauderdale - "He learned how to open the bathroom door and lift the toilet seat. Come on, sir, you have fresh clean water in the kitchen!!!!!!"
  • Nanci Tuel - "This one decided to jump up where she wasn’t supposed to and chewed up my daughter’s retainer!"
  • Nanci Tuel

    What's something your pet did to get into trouble? Share your story in the comments below!