Ahhh, Cinco de Mayo, another drinking holiday is about upon us! A chance to booze it up on, this year, a weeknight. If only our weather would be kinder, a patio would be a nice option, too.

Thinking Cinco de Mayo got me wondering, what is the state of Iowas' favorite margarita? There are so many options after all.

  • Frozen/blended
  • On the rocks
  • Strawberry, banana, peach, etc (flavored)
  • Skinny
  • Sugar/no sugar on the rim
  • Salted/unsalted rim

After doing some strenuous homework (HA!) I have an answer to the question of what is Iowa's favorite marg. And it brought me to another conclusion: we're very basic.

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The favorite margarita options come to us from the website Eat This, Not That. while they generally focus on the worst food options for health reasons, here they're leaning into margs.

Photo by Brian Jones on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Jones on Unsplash

Iowa's favorite Margarita is...

Our fav. according to Eat This, Not That is a strawberry Jose Cuervo marg that is frozen with a sparkling rim of sugar. This margarita option is the second most popular in the U.S., after the non-flavored version, and is preferred by 13 other states.

Several states had their own favorite margarita, not sharing with any other state. Louisiana, for example, adds some jalapeno to its margaritas for a spicy, boozy adventure.

Illinois is the only state that prefers Casamigos as its tequila. And even Kansas has a truly unique take, using Patrón as the tequila and sugaring the rim. Sounds tasty, no? Nice work, Illinois!

By the way, "classic" margarita was the number one pick, preferred by 20 states.

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