When you order carry-out or stop at a drive-thru, always check the bag before you leave. My wife, Julie, has been reminding me of that for years, but apparently, this Iowa man hadn't learned the lesson yet. And let's just say his reaction was way past ridiculous.

42-year-old Robert Golwitzer, Jr. visited the McDonald's restaurant on State Street in Ankeny Saturday afternoon, June 26. When he got ready to devour his Chicken McNuggets, Robert was very displeased with what was missing. Where on earth was the dipping sauce for his beloved McNuggets?! It appears that omission was just too much for Golwitzer who picked up the phone and blew his stack.

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According to WHO, a criminal complaint says Golwitzer called the restaurant and during the call "allegedly threatened to blow up the restaurant and punch an employee." All because he didn't get dipping sauce?

The Ankeny Police Department called the phone number the threatening call had come from, and Goldwitzer answered. WHO says he admitted over the phone that he'd made the call to McDonald's. He admitted to the threats again, in person, at the Ankeny Police Department.

Following his admissions of guilt, Goldwitzer was arrested and charged with False Report of Explosive or Incendiary Device. His furor over no dipping sauce had ended with him being charged with a Class D felony. Goldwitzer was released from the Polk County Jail on Sunday, after posting bond.

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