This is an Essential Worker.

He was one of the several work crews busy all over Eastern Iowa Monday, repairing the damage done in Sunday's windstorm.

Just up the road, dozens of non-essential workers were spending their day differently. They were lining up in the clubhouse of the Gardner golf course for tee times.

On the morning after the CDC and the President of the USA urged Americans to self-isolate to fight the spread of Covid-19, they decided it was too nice of a day to stay indoors, and decided to pull out the clubs.

The lot at Gardner was full.

Mike Ferris
Mike Ferris

Considering how fast this virus can spread, we hope that all those golfers were safe and washing their hands often. But is this really the best we can hope for?

Essential Workers doing their job - and other non essential workers not doing theirs.

Look, no one can blame ya...nice weather, open golf course...

But we're all kinda counting on everyone to comply to help avoid a very contagious virus that is killing people needlessly.

Choosing to golf looks even more selfish when you see the guy in the bucket repairing wind damaged lines. We can do better than this, Iowa.

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