Austin Wheeler of Indianola was in a transitional center (typically a facility that is used for drug or alcohol rehabilitation and then release back into the public) in the Fort Dodge area before March 27 of this year.

Court documents obtained by KCCI say that Wheeler, 20, simply signed himself out and left the facility on his own accord on March 27.

A warrant was then issued for his arrest after leaving prior to his scheduled release. Over a week later, on April 6, he was arrested and the charges for his escape were dismissed in the following 48 hours.

On May 26, following his scheduled release, Wheeler was again arrested for a drug charge -- this time he was in his hometown of Indianola. He was reported to be in a vehicle at a local Burger King.

The specified vehicle was pulled over as part of a traffic stop when Wheeler lept from the back seat of the car and began to run. He tripped and fell and was promptly arrested by authorities.

KCCI adds that "Police also found marijuana in his car. Police say that the car's driver and another passenger in the car told them that Wheeler bought the marijuana the night before and sold some of it that day."

After spending several days in custody, it was reported that Wheeler was being treated at Mercy One Hospital in Newton, Iowa. Somehow, the young man managed to escape from a Warren County employee and flee from the health center.

The Warren County Sheriff'sOffice told the news station that the two-time escapee was later found and arrested once again in Grundy County, Missouri. The county is roughly two and a half hours and 130 miles away from Newton by car.

Wheeler is currently in Polk County Jail, according to

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