Admit it, your eyes still light up with child-like glee when the ice-cream truck ding rings through your neighborhood. I know they do. Mine certainly get wide and my mouth waters, and I have dairy issues so that means something. Especially as we've hit the 90's in recent days, the ice-cream truck dings are more than welcome.

When you do scoot out the door to grab something from the ice-cream man or woman, what is your go-to, or what was it when you were 12? Apparently, for us Iowans, it's a non-dairy pick. Hm...

In Iowa Bomb Pops are... well, the bomb

Ice-cream trucks are routinely stocked with great teeth-rattling treats like the Drumstick, the ice-cream sandwich, or my favorite as a kid before I realized dairy and I weren't on speaking terms, the Choco Taco. But for Iowa, our top pick according to the website Outer Banks Vacations is... the mighty Bomb Pop. Patriotic, sure.

But this is Iowa. The ag state of Iowa. How did we not pick something with, you know, actual ice cream in it? I mean, Bomb Pops are great and, as an adult, I've enjoyed many since, again, no milk. Again, not knocking Bomb Pops. They're full of flavor, Cherry, Lime, and Blue Raspberry in case you forgot what the red, white, and blue colorings tasted like. But, really? The only other U.S. state to go along with Iowa on Bomb Pop lovin' was South Dakota.

Photo by Nick Torontali on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Torontali on Unsplash

Bomb Pops and Firecrackers are not the same... right?

The Firecracker was well represented on this list. While they look very similar to the Bomb Pop, they're quite different. They're... um, okay they're about the same. Just different brands and instead of lime, Firecracker's feature white lemon.

This list is flawed

The same list also says Wisconsin's top pick is... lemon ice. Erm, if any state is going to select a dairy option, it's our beer-loving neighbors in Wisconsin. So I'd suggest taking this study with a grain of very skinny salt. Like, not sea salt, just that regular shaker kind of salt.

The ice-cream truck cometh

If you've ever wondered what it would cost to run your own ice-cream truck, it's very costly. According to the business website Chamber of Commerce, it will run you about $2,500 a month. The truck itself (used) is likely to run you between $10K and $20,000. The website says the average driver earns about $5,000 a month, which means it will take many summers to begin making a profit. And remember, it's Iowa. You ain't running that truck in December.

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