Attention Iowa: It's time to slow down, buckle up and pay attention. Because 2016 was one of the deadliest on Iowa highways in the past several years.

The Iowa Transportation Department report a startling statistic from 2016. Iowa traffic deaths jumped to at least 400 casualties last year, according to a report from CBS2.

CBS2 reports that the figure is "27 percent higher than the 316 traffic deaths recorded in 2015, and is also the highest figure since 2008 when 411 people were killed on Iowa roads."

It's not just drunk driving. It's distracted driving, texting and mobile device use, that is killing us.

October 2016 was the month with the most traffic deaths in Iowa, when a total of 40 fatalities were counted.

So let's make this a community resolution for 2017: let's put down the phones, buckle up, step off the accelerator, and bring 'em back alive.

[source: CBS2 News]


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