Bless my wife's beautiful heart. My wife Kori is a social worker and that job is not meant for everyone. She cares about people and wants to help as many people live better and more positive lives as she can. I think that's what I love the most about her and I would never want to change that.

Gabe Glidden
Gabe Glidden

Sometimes that caring heart gets a little bit carried away and jumps the gun. My wife accidentally called the cops on our neighbor...for looking through his very own window. This ended up being a pretty funny story when it's all said and done. Sometimes my wife's heart leads to lights that look like these in front of our house.

Unsplash - Scott Rodgerson
Unsplash - Scott Rodgerson

Ring Cam Trouble

You've heard of ring cameras people put around their house. They can be used as a doorbell, they can alert you when packages are dropped off, they help you see who's standing at your door, and you can talk to whoever is there without having to get up off the couch. They really come in handy for those who shop online.

If you're busy working inside or away from your house, you know exactly when your package shows up and you can bring it inside as quickly as possible to avoid someone stealing it. We have a ring camera on our side door and front door. We've had delivery drivers drop things off at both locations in the past, so we bought a camera for each door.

"I'm Calling the Cops"

Last night our side door ring camera went off at about 8:35. Neither Kori nor I were expecting anyone but she checked to see if one of her 10 Amazon packages was being dropped off late. When she checked the camera on her phone, she saw someone standing in our neighbor's yard staring through the window. At first glance, it seems pretty harmless but 10 seconds go by, 20 seconds go by, and after about 45 seconds, the person finally leaves.

She immediately says, "Go check D*****'s backyard, I think someone is behind his house." I jumped off the couch and headed to my kitchen window to look into the neighbor's yard. I don't see anyone or anything. I told her I thought the person left but I could run outside to check.

Here's where my wife's social worker heart took over. She instantly calls the police. *Face Palm* She explains to the operator that she thinks someone was staring into our neighbor's window and she might be overreacting but could someone come and check it out?


After watching her call the police, I checked out the video footage and I instantly knew she made a mistake. I've talked to our neighbor a fair amount of times and normally when either of us sees each other mowing the lawn, we know we better get out there and cut our own lawn.

On the video camera...I see our neighbor. He installed a new light or something of that nature in one of his rooms and he just wanted to see what it looked like from the outside...Once again, FACE PALM.

When the police arrived she explained what she saw and I ran out there to let them know that I was 90% there was an overreaction and our neighbor was just checking out his new light. They knock on his door to make sure everything is okay and I instantly go into apology mode. We apologized to him and the police for wasting their time, and all in all, everything was fine.

My neighbor was really good about the entire thing and the police even told him he should be glad he has neighbors looking out for him. He told us he appreciated it and it wasn't a big deal at all.

I will have no problem saying hey to this man the next time we're both outside doing some yard work but I have a feeling my wife might be sprinting through the backyard, avoiding all interaction and saving herself the embarrassment.

MY WIFE CALLED THE POLICE ON OUR NEIGHBOR FOR LOOKING AT HIS OWN WINDOW. I can't help but laugh when I think about that. I'll love Kori forever and I hope she never changes. We might just have to lay off the true crime documentaries for a little while...

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