Iowa has a new tradition and it's pretty darn cool. I mean, just talking about it gives me goosebumps. It's called "The Iowa First Quarter Wave," and it happened under the lights for the first time last night at Kinnick Stadium.

Here's how it works: At the end of the first quarter, fans wave to the patients at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital located next to the stadium. It all started as a fan suggestion on an Iowa Facebook page....What a fantastic idea this has turned out to be!

I was at the game last night and took some iphone video. It was cool to see all the cell phones light up the sky as fans waved to the children. It made me proud to say that I live in the state of Iowa.

The Hawks may have lost the game, but the kids in that hospital won't remember that. Instead, they'll have the memory of 70,000 fans honoring them at the end of the first quarter.

Please keep these children in your thoughts and prayers. They deserve the chance to watch a Hawkeye game from the stands like the rest of us....not a hospital bed.



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