Loyal Chicago Cubs fans across Eastern Iowa are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that Major League Baseball can find a solution with a shortened 2020 season.

But according to CBS Sports the devil is in the details of the plan recently submitted by owners to the players association in negotiating a return to the ballpark later this summer.

I'm fine with only 82 games, a universal DH rule, and no All-Star Game. I too, would encourage limiting fan attendance, especially early on, until this virus crap plays out.

The discussions between the millionaire players and the billionaire owners have just begun. But some believe that the owners offer of a 50/50 revenue share is not a fair shake.

For years Major League Baseball has set new records for seasonal revenue but CBS Sports reports that players salaries have actually declined over the last two seasons.

The owners' current offer is that players should take a 50% revenue share (not half of their agreed salary) in a season that likely wouldn’t draw the number of fans that it normally does. Which means less money for players.

Not half pay for their already negotiated salaries, by half of whatever comes in. It may sound fair at firsts blush, but really isn't...and here's why:

Players take all the risk. You can't social distance when you're up at the plate. No matter how you arrange it you're going to be around dozens of other persons daily, so there is risk. COVID-19 is contagious. And it's a killer. Ask anyone who has survived a 6 week hospital stay, it's not a pleasant experience.

So what we have is a classic management versus employees battle. Profits are up, players salaries are down. Forget that we’re talking millions for a minute. It’s the principle of things here. It's a health issue.

I don’t believe that players will accept this 50/50 revenue share, nor do I think they should. It’s not worth their health risks.

So if the 2020 season is scrapped, I won't blame it on the players. MLB club owners need to do the right thing. There's an old saying: the laborer is worthy of his hire.

So I agree with CBS sports writer Matt Snyder. You can count me down as a #TeamPlayer.

Source: CBS Sports

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