If you've ever taken a road trip on one of America's highways or freeways, you've likely figured out one simple thing: some people just don't get the right/left lane purpose. That is simply, the right lane is for driving, the left lane is for passing. With semi's rolling up and down our roads, you will, indeed, find yourself in the left lane often. But you shouldn't "park" yourself there. In fact, Iowa, like most other states, actually has a law on the books that say as much.

"Keep Right" laws are a thing, and Iowa has one, too

I drive a lot to get to work. I'm cruising up and down (technically south and north) on 1-380 most days each workweek. I enjoy it. Radio blasting, watching the sunrise this time of year, clearing my mind. That's the drive into work, anyways. The drive home, typically in the 4 or 5 o'clock hours tends me be a little slower as there's more traffic.

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Now wouldn't ya know it, there's always some schmuck camped outgoing 70-75 mph in the left lane. Inevitably, I and others pass 'em in the right lane, curse under my breath, and move on. But did you know, that drive is actually breaking the law?

Iowa law states:

321.297 Driving on right-hand side of roadway — exceptions. 1. A vehicle shall be driven upon the right half of the roadway upon all roadways of sufficient width, except as follows: a. When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction under the rules governing such movement

Of course, if there's an emergency vehicle on the right shoulder, you scoot to the left and slow down. If there's a breakdown on or in the shoulder, you do the same. Otherwise, people are required to keep right when driving.

Is the left lane for passing or driving fast?

Many Americans are a bit confused about the left lane. A study finds 40% of us feel the left lane is for passing or driving fast. Meanwhile, 36% say the lane really needs to be used only for passing. Then, there's 13% that think it is mainly for folks who want to drive faster than the flow of traffic. But, as mentioned above, it's for passing. The more you know!

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