As we all watch grandiose plans unfold to evolve (or devolve) the site at the sacred "Field of Dreams" in Dyersville, there's still an age group out there keeping it all about the game. It's wonderful to hear stories that show the lengths people will go to in order to keep the game of baseball from losing its magic for kids.

Principal Park in Des Moines, home of the minor-league Iowa Cubs held an event over the weekend that was sure to make a pair of youth teams feel like big-leaguers, at least for a few hours.


While the I-Cubs were on the road, their stadium became the site of a game between two little league teams from Saydel, Iowa. The White Sox and Cubs took to the field with some special swag behind them. Fresh new shirts, a PA announcer giving personal introductions, and even a t-shirt cannon blasting merch out to fans in attendance! It may have rained at the stadium a bit, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits or ruin the fun they had.

They called it the "Little League Takeover" and it took place through a partnership with Bank of America. The Iowa Cubs organization hopes to make it an annual event at Principal Park with other Iowa little league teams particpating. A couple of players echoed the excitement of the entire group, including Shalan Ray:

It's just more fun and you're not here to win. You're just here to have fun.

According to player Riley Bean:

It's not like any tournament game or any game that's important. It's just a game where we have fun.

There was no word on who "won" the game but it sounds like a lot of great memories were made and we too hope this becomes a yearly thing for kids in Iowa who just love the game.

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