Springtime gives way for everything from beautiful flowers, more daylight, warmer weather, and of course, prom proposals! Every year, it seems that a couple unique prom proposals go viral thanks to their ingenuity and cuteness. One that is making the rounds on the internet at the moment is so quintessentially Iowa that you can't help but smile when you see it.

This is a love story that spans a bit of distance as well as different schools. Bondurant-Farrar High School junior Emma Lihs wanted to find a cute and fun way to ask her boyfriend to prom. Contrary to the popular phrase, you could say she wanted to "have a cow."

So, Emma, who lives in Bondurant, IA, took a cow all the way from her home to Des Moines (roughly 20 miles) to ask her boyfriend, Wyatt Carlson, to prom. Wyatt is a senior at Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, and wasn't expecting his girlfriend would come up with such a "moo-ving" way to ask him to the big dance.

Emma wrote "PROM?" in chalk on the cow's side, and even sketched up an adorable sign to go along with the proposal:

I'd have a cow if you said yes," read the sign.

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As expected, whether she came with a cow or not, Wyatt said "yes!" Him and Emma will attend their senior prom together. Furthermore, they will always have the memory of a sweet and udderly beautiful prom proposal on which to look back.

You can read more about Emma Lihs' fun gesture to ask her boyfriend, Wyatt Carlson, to prom on KCCI's website.

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