When you think about Guinness World Records, you probably think of things like, fastest to solve a Rubix Cube, or the recent kid shoving a bottle in his mouth record (gross). But here's four words you maybe never thought you'd hear mashed altogether: Hy-Vee, pancakes, world record. Well, guess what, you're about to hear it a lot.

There's a world record for everything it seems

West Des Moines, Iowa-based chain now holds a Guinness World Record title for the largest serving of pancakes. Before I reveal exactly how many pancakes they had to serve to smash the record, take a guess what the now old record for pancakes served was... okay, got your guess... it was:

12,716 pancakes served. This was achieved by the JSC MAKFA in Moscow Russia on 25 February 2017 according to the Guinness website. Well, guess what JSC MAFKA, that record is now a thing of the past after less than five years.

Hy-Vee just served up 13,000 pancakes at the Hy-Vee in Blue Springs, Missouri. It took 18 chefs, and just over 7-hours for the company to accomplish the record. This proves that A) there's a world record for everything and, B), Hy-Vee has a heart since this was done for charity. The company expects the pancakes to feed some 6,500 individuals or more than 1,600 families in both Missouri and Kansas. Thank goodness, I'd be concerned they were going to sell 'em in stores for the next 18 months.


Dawn Buzynski/Hy-Vee
Dawn Buzynski/Hy-Vee

There's no word on when the folks at Guinness World Records will add the Hy-Vee accomplishment to their website. However, we can now say there's another Iowa Guinness World Record in the books. Fun fact, the University of Iowa (and Chicago) are in the record books for having the first-ever college basketball game. There's a record that can never be broken.

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