In what might be the most detailed, first-hand piece of information we've seen so far, regarding the incident and subsequent investigation into allegations of abuse at last weekend's Iowa-Iowa State football game, a band member himself directly weighs in.

Part of a Facebook post from Corey Knopp states the following:

People were physically assaulted. We expect to get booed and cussed at. But never for violence to take place. Especially to students in THE BAND of the rival university. No “alleges” no “maybes”. This happened. Put yourself in our shoes. Kids. Marching in formation back to our busses after a long day. Getting shoved and having beer cans shaken and sprayed at our feet. Getting slapped because of the words on our uniform (IOWA). Getting pushed so hard that someone’s (not going to name this person) ribs are broken. That is completely unacceptable.

See that post in its entirety here.

The incident opened an investigation on the part of both athletic departments, and it was reported Friday by the Gazette that Gary Barta and the University of Iowa had closed their part of the investigation. Almost immediately, it was reported they had reopened it Friday.

Sounds like this is far from over.

[Via KCRG, Gazette]

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