Last week, there were some Iowans who reported some major issues with their cell phone service.

According to reports, thousands of AT&T users all across the country experienced some sort of outage. This issue caused all of these customers to be without cell phone usage for up to twelve hours!

Were you one of the people affected by this?

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What Exactly Happened to Iowans Cell Phones?


According to reports, the initial outage was reported at 2:30 AM local time on Thursday, February 22nd. the reason that thousands of users were unable to use their devices.

This was allegedly caused by a network update. It was not a cyber attack, according to a statement from AT&T officials.

"We are investing billions to grow our network and deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is both a point of pride and a challenge that always requires care and focus."

During this outage, users were unable to receive calls, text messages, or use the internet on their phones. The scary part about this situation is that emergency services were could not be accessed as well by AT&T users, according to reports.

So, What Now? Am I Getting Any Money For this Inconvenience?

Unsplash - Alexander Mils
Unsplash - Alexander Mils

AT&T officials issued an apology to customers for this outage over the weekend.

"We understand this may have impacted their ability to connect with family, friends, and others. Small business owners may have been impacted, potentially disrupting an essential way they connect with customers."

If you were one of the customers in this situation, you are going to be receiving some money!

It's not a huge check, but rather a $5 credit applied automatically to your AT&T account. This is the average cost of a single day of coverage.

For more information on this credit, make sure to check out the official AT&T Make It Right web page.

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