While Louisiana is one step closer to joining the list of states banning abortion today, another state is indicating it will likely sign legal weed into law.

Get ready Moline, this new legislation, with support from both parties and the governor, could make Illinois the latest recreational marijuana state in the Midwest.

State lawmakers in the land of Lincoln are fine tuning the bill that, if passed, could make it okay to light up effective January 1, 2020.

According to the Chicago Tribune: The bill would restrict homegrown plants to five plants per household (for personal use) but only for those who are licensed in the state’s medical marijuana program.

Medical marijuana growers would get first shot at retail market in Illinois under the proposal to legalize recreational sales.

The bill would also allow employers to maintain a “zero tolerance” policy for cannabis in the workplace. 

Officials say legalizing marijuana could generate $57 million in general revenue in the coming budget year and about $30 million for a cannabis business development fund.

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