We're nine days into January so I have to ask; how's your Dry January going?

It's a challenge that many took on in the new year, striving to not drink any alcohol through the entire month in an effort to be healthier, and also shed some weight. But honestly, it might be harder for those on the Illinois side of the Mississippi. According to new figures, Illinoisans drink roughly eight times as much as Iowans – at least when it comes to wine.

According to WGN, with numbers via VinePair, Illinois actually ranks 5th in the entire nation in wine consumption. Illinois residents are taking in about 35,000 gallons of wine per year., while Iowa residents drink about 4,600 gallons.

If these numbers make you feel guilty about how much you're drinking, don't. California drinks about four times as much as Illinois, at 148,000 gallons plus per year. It makes sense, given how much wine the state produces, but it's still a lot.

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