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We are less than a week away from Halloween. If you're still scrambling looking for a costume, we're here to help. Here are some quick and easy ideas that are perfect for an Iowan in a crunch.


Franklin Sports NCAA Deluxe Uniform Set

Okay, so a super easy costume that reps the Hawkeye state, is a Hawkeye costume! Dress up as your favorite football player.


Be John Wayne With This Cowboy Costume

Want to be an authentic cowboy this Halloween? Dress up as Iowa's-own John Wayne.


Old Tyme Baseball Player Uniform and Hat

Field of Dreams was filmed right here in Iowa. Dress up as one of the classic players with this costume. A little work on switching the logo and you're all set.


Dickie's Men's Bib Overall

Put these things on, grab your pitchfork, a black jacket, and some glasses and you're Grant Wood! Or you could always be your favorite Iowa farmer.


Adult Deluxe Admiral Hat To Be Captain Crunch

There are some days in Cedar Rapids, where it smells like sweet, deliciousness outside. Those days are Crunch Berry days, when the factory is hard at work producing that yummy cereal. Pull this costume off with this hat, these socks, this mustache and make a giant Captain Crunch cereal box that you can wear out of a cardboard box.


Adult Corn On The Cob

We had to end with the stereotypical Iowa costume--corn. Yes, we have a lot of it and it's delicious.

Hopefully, you've now got your costume or this sparked an idea. Have a happy Halloween!