There's certain to be no shortage of winter beauty soon in downtown Davenport.

Christmas will be behind us before too long but that doesn't mean we won't be able to enjoy some signature winter fun. That's exactly what's coming to the Davenport riverfront for yet another year next month.

The Davenport January staple Icestravaganza will be making it's way to the Freight House Farmers' Market & LeClaire Park on January 12-14. As always, it's sure to bring with it the absolutely incredible ice sculptures that inspire "oooo's" and "ahhh's" for all of us.

Icestravaganza is free (one of my favorite words) and it's family-friendly. According to Downtown Davenport Partnership, there will be over 36,000 pounds of ice in these carvings. They will be lit up with LED lights.

If you don't want to walk through all of the displays, you can enjoy the sculptures from your car if you would like. They will have a drive-thru sculpture display on Beiderbecke Drive in LeClaire Park. Here's the map:

The ice sculptures will be lit from dusk until 10:00 p.m. each night.

If you want to get some dinner while you look at the ice sculptures, you can get yourself some refreshments from Farmers' Market vendors as well as Front Street Brewery & Taproom, The Diner, and Antonella's Pizzeria II.

The exact schedule of Icestravaganza and any additional activities at the Farmers' Market are currently TBD, but watch social media. You can keep up with the latest updates from the Downtown Davenport Partnership on their website or their Facebook page.

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