Thursday is Veteran's Day. A day in which we celebrate and honor the amazing sacrifice that our nation's veterans have made. Chances are you probably have a veteran in your family. Say thank you to them. It is the least that we can do. Hy-Vee Food Stores are also continuing their Veteran's Day tradition of saying thanks as well.

To commemorate Veteran's Day, this Thursday local Hy-Vee stores will be serving a free breakfast for veterans and active military members. The buffet-style meal will be served on Thursday morning from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. However, if you would prefer that your breakfast be served with contact, Hy-Vee will once again also be offering a contactless breakfast drive-thru in each store's parking lot. Each meal will be individually packaged with no contact made with people in your vehicle.

In addition to the free breakfast, there will also be free donuts and free coffee served at all Dollar Fresh locations on Veteran's Day too. And as an additional way to say thank you, Hy-Vee and Dollar Fresh stores will be giving veterans and active military members 15% off of their grocery bill when they shop in stores on November 11th.

I love the fact that Hy-Vee honors our nation's veterans. My grandfather served in World War 2 and my father-in-law is a Vietnam War veteran. I honor them and all other veterans and active-duty military this Thursday. My wife Holly also works for Hy-Vee. She is taking our kids out of school Thursday morning so they can volunteer and serve breakfast to these amazing men and women.

Thank you, and may God Bless our veterans.



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