If you're looking to stock up on beer before the holiday, I've got just the place for you! Get to the Hy-Vee Drugstore in Iowa City for the BEST sale in the history of beer. Well, maybe it's not that best, but it's pretty damn close!

  • Miller Lite, Coors Light, & Keystone Light just $5.99 per 12 pack
  • Bud and Bud Light 24 packs just $11.99!
  • Stella 12 packs just $9.99

And the best part is...there's no limit to how much beer you can buy at these great prices!

The sale is going on now through of July. The address to the Hy-Vee Drugstore is 301 North 1st Avenue in Iowa City. Get there early, and often. Stock up now!

I'll be broadcasting live this Friday, June 29th, from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Stop by and say hello! I'll have t-shirts, hats, concert tickets, and plenty of other goodies from the prize closet.

"Weekend Warrior" Brian Sines will be hanging out with me as well. So do me a favor and stop by 301 North 1st Avenue in Iowa City. It's the biggest sales of the year at Hy-Vee Drugstore!

Like my Grandpappy used to say..."Cheap beer, is the best beer."

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