In an effort to lower the family cell bill each month, I went into my cellular carrier to talk about possibly lowering the amount of data we use each month. Holly, Chase, and I share around 15 gigs of data each month and sometimes have some rollover too. When I checked out the data usage per phone line, it showed that Holly was using more data than the rest of us. But it wasn't her fault. It was Facebook's.

Streaming video is the number one culprit in data usage. None of us do that regularly so I knew that wasn't the issue. When the employee asked me what app my wife was on the most I said "Facebook". He then asked me if I had switched the video setting to 'wifi only'. The dumb look on my face was the only answer he needed. I had no idea that a default setting within Facebook uses your cellular data to play videos in your newsfeed.

So here is how you fix it. Open your Facebook app, click the lower right corner and go all the way down and click on Settings. Then choose Account Settings, and click on Videos and Photos. Where it says Autoplay, make sure you have chosen On Wi-Fi Connections Only.

I'm curious to see how much of a difference it will make in our data usage. If we could drop down just one level in data, we could save some money on our cell bill. If you're on Facebook a lot and you think you're using way too much data, check your settings!

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