I know, I know. You’re thinking, “It’s a bit too early to be thinking about that level of coldness.” I’m just prepping you for what’s to come.

So far this year, there have been 18 days where the low temperature failed to get above zero. Ouch. Is that a lot? That number is nearly triple the number of days (7) in 2020. 15 is the average number of days per year for Cedar Rapids to get below zero.

But…2021 isn’t over yet.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet
Iowa Environmental Mesonet

According to data from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, since 1976, there have been only 3 Novembers where the low temperatures hit BELOW ZERO. (six total instances) The most recent time it has been below zero in the month of November in Cedar Rapids was in 2019. (On 11/12/19 it bottomed out at -6)

As for December, since 1973, there have been 14 years where it failed to get below zero in Cedar Rapids. The most recent time that it has been below zero in December in Linn County was in 2017. (5 days)

December averages around three days/month with temps reaching below zero.

Which year has had the most below zero days in Cedar Rapids (since 1973)? 1978 was unlucky enough to get hit with 38 days with below zero temperatures. Brrrrr. The smallest number of days with below zero temps in a calendar year is just TWO. That has occurred just twice, in 1987 and 2002.

Believe it or not, there have been FIVE January months without a single day below zero, most recently in 2006. January averages over seven days per month to feature temperatures below zero.

February isn’t much better in Cedar Rapids, especially in 2021. 15 days had temperatures below zero in February 2021 --- which set the record for the greatest number of days below zero --- even with it being the shortest month of the year. February averages four days per month of days below zero. A total of 12 Februarys have NEVER had a below zero temperature, most recently in 2017.


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