First off, did anybody tell the Amish folks here in Iowa what's happening in our world right now? I've seen a lot of memes about this...even one with a horse and buggy whipping doughnuts in the middle of an empty road, but seriously, has anyone let them know?

From what I understand, they don't really have modern technology like TVs and stuff. I'm not even sure if they have cell phones or a landline! I just wonder how the Amish get their news and stay connected? It's kind of a scary thought, huh?

Jeez, how did WE ever stay connected back in the day without Google, smart phones, Twitter and Myspace?

I have an interview request that I sent to the Amish folks over by Lake Delhi. There were only two methods of shipping available: The Pony Express or Carrier Pigeon.

I sure hope I hear back, the only thing I know about the Amish is they work hard, have long beards and love to bowl. I mean they LOVE to bowl!

All jokes aside, the Amish do many great things here in the state of Iowa. From furniture making to farming and roofing, the Amish are big part of our community here in Eastern Iowa.

So if you see something, say something. Let the Amish know what's going on in case they haven't heard the news.

We all need to stay safe. #beardsforlife

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