In Chicago, they drag 'em through the garden and load 'em up with tomato, cucumbers and other savory delights. Folks in Detroit call them "Coney Island" hot dogs, and they're lathered with chili, mustard and onions.

Here in Cedar Rapids, hot dogs may be a bit more conventional, but a dog-is-a-dog, and here IS THE place to get a top dog in a bun...

The Flying Wienie - It's the coolest hot dog stand in Cedar Rapids with its distinctive yellow airplane perched atop its building at 103 8th St SW. The menu offers beef Red Hot Chicago Brand hot dogs, Italian and Polish sausages, along with sandwiches and ribs. It may be the ONLY hot dog stand in Cedar Rapids. but when they're this good, you only need to make one stop!

Honorable mention of course goes to our favorite ballpark season, of course.

Cedar Rapids Kernels There's nothing better than a hot dog served with a big league baseball game in front of it. Perfect Game Field is the place to get those foot-long dogs and an ice cold beer on a hot summer day.


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