It's the most outrageous thing that's happened in Cedar Rapids all week. Two punks stealing a poor old deaf woman's wheelchair from her apartment complex.

Cedar Rapids Police told us the incident occurred on Wednesday March 7 at 5921 Ridgeview Drive SW in Cedar Rapids.

A video camera captured the image of two guys absconding with the wheelchair but so far no one had been caught or charged.

Cops are asking the public for help to identify the two punks responsible.

The victim told CBS News she is using a loaned chair for now, while she waits a month for a replacement.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call police at (319) 286-5491.

Let's show this town what we're made of. Let's help the cops find these two thieves, bring them to justice, and get this woman's wheelchair back to it's rightful owner.

[source: CBS News]

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