When I was a kid, snow was the most awesome thing ever.  You got to stay home from school if there was a ton of it, you could make forts and have snowball fights, sled and freeze just about every body part you had off and you didn't care; it was fun.  But now, I'm a homeowner and snow has a whole new meaning to me.  I have a very long, very steep driveway that takes hours (not joking on that one) to clear after a snow, and without a big-ass SUV or truck it's got to be pretty well taken care of if I want to park my dinky ride in the garage and not trudge up Mt. Val-more each night.  But even after all the grumbling I do about my drive, I still have to admire snow.  I love looking outside after a new snow, a little chill in the air and a thousand tiny frozen stars twinkling back at me in the light, reminding me how amazing nature is.  I have cardinals around my house; they'll sit in the snow-covered trees outside my window, frolicking and playing.  There will be rabbit, cat and dog tracks running across the yard and on occasion I'll see one of the neighbors rolling through on their snowmobile.  You know that guy is having a blast.  Take some time to watch (or take) kids sledding, throw a snowball at a co-worker (one that won't get you in trouble though!) and enjoy the snow.  This is a great, festive time of year and snow is simply icing on the cake, a big Earth-shaped one.  Or maybe it's sugar on a cookie... dang, now I feel like making holiday cookies.