This is is a RED ALERT that Covid-19 pandemic is upon the state of Iowa NOW. 

It is no longer "coming" or "approaching". It is here now.

And it's not just a threat to the elderly or those with underlying health issues. It can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Iowa's News Now describes 18 year-old Dimitri Yoder from Tiffin as a typical, healthy  teenager who was diagnosed with coronavirus after battling a fever of 105.

Test confirmed it was Covid-19 but they were told Dimitri did not have the respiratory symptoms that required professional monitoring and treatment.

His mother says he has since been sent home, as hospital bedspace is already at a premium. Now even after 10 days of rest, his symptoms are still here, he is still fatigued and coughing again.

We send good thoughts for healing and restored health to Dimitri and his family and remind you that NOW is the time to act.

No matter how restless we may get, we must stay isolated. Please do not travel out unless absolutely necessary. Take all the proper precautions and do your part to stop the spread.


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