He loves golf, cigarettes and booze. He has sex three or four times a day, and hasn't seen the inside of health club in decades. I'm surprised he's made it this far, but Happy Birthday to professional golfer John Daly!

Daly was born on April 28th, 1966. That makes him 53 years-old. He's best known for being one of the longest ball strikers to ever play the game of golf. He's won tournaments and racked up millions of dollars playing golf. John Daly is a legend.

He's also known for the money he's spent and the booze he's consumed. But you know what, it's his life and he's having a good time. He's lived life to the fullest and had a lot of fun along the way.

I met John last year at the Elmcrest Country Club. He was super cool and we enjoyed a few vodkas together. He chained smoked and told stories...it was awesome! I'm sure wherever he is tonight, he's having a good time.

Happy Birthday Mr. Daly....here's to 53 more.


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