Just because you love an  animal doesn't mean it loves you back.

18-year-old Austin Hatfield of Wimauma, Florida captured a four-foot cottonmouth snake (also called a water moccasin) last week and decided to keep him as a pet. He's been keeping it in a pillowcase in his girlfriend's house. A few days ago, he was cuddling with his new pet and decided to give him a kiss on the mouth. And (surprisingly) it bit him.

Cottonmouths are venomous and can be pretty deadly, so Austin was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Fortunately, he pulled through and now he's been upgraded to good condition.

And now we add insult to injury. You need a permit in Florida to catch and keep a cottonmouth snake, so Austin is being investigated and could be facing charges.

Check out the video below to see how unrecognizable Austin was before and after the bite!