Despite all the grim news, business closures and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 crisis that looks to continue for an unforeseeable period of time, Iowa's Grinnell College took a poll stating that many people are optimistic about survival on the other side of the crisis.

The Gazette published results from the poll that surveyed over 1000 adults, and 70 percent of them were willing to shelter in place if and when told and for as long as necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

As far as how they're responding to the situation right now, 72 percent say they are "calm", 55 percent are "stressed", 42 percent feel "boxed in", 39 percent "scared", 31 percent are "angry", and 15 percent feel "doomed".

Younger adults are feeling more of an impact than middle-aged and older adults because much of that group work in the restaurant and hospitality industries, which are taking a huge economic hit right now.

Let's keep social distancing, staying home and washing our hands, so this optimism can be proven legit.

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