Wow, talk about going out in style! This is the coolest tribute we've heard about in a while.

To honor a fellow sanitation worker who gave 21 years of service to his community, his co-workers drove their garbage trucks in his funeral procession in a crazy display of respect and affection.

Ronnie Davis, age 60 of Springfield, IL died March 24 and his buddies honored him by driving a dozen company sanitation trucks in the funeral procession. His own garbage truck lead the way, with a black wreath attached on the front of the truck's grille.

Imagine seeing a hearse leading a funeral procession to the cemetery being followed - not by black limousines - but by garbage trucks!

The Springfield State Journal-Register reports that Dan Winters, Republic Services general manager for the company said Davis's managers and co-workers so admired his work ethic that they hoped the procession would show his family their appreciation.

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