With winds whipping through the Iowa farmland at speeds up to 110 miles per hour,  the National Weather Service rated the Friday evening tornado a high end Ef-1 according to CBS 2 News.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about this summer storm was the way our local media was able to cover it.

Kudos to the CBS2/FOX 28 Weather First Forecast team Terry Swails, Rebecca Kopleman and especially Nick Stewart, who provided exceptional coverage that most likely helped to literally save lives with their up-to-the-minute, wall to wall coverage on the road, and their laser-like pinpoint accuracy tracking the storm in the studio.

Nick Stewart's crew went storm chasing through the back roads of Johnson County, providing exciting live coverage with dramatic video of the twister, almost as if it were a scene from the movies.

Back in the studio, seasoned veteran Terry Swails teamed with Rebecca Kopleman explained the fast changing storm using high tech imagery. Swails was spot-on accurate in pointing out the path the storm was taking, helping us all breath a sigh of relief to see that it would fall short of impacting the heavily populated area of Iowa City.

I truly believe their coverage helped save lives. Thank you to CBS2 for a job well done!

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