Budweiser announced a pretty cool promotion that involves the worst football team in the NFL. I'm talking about the Cleveland Browns. The team that went 0-16 last year and 1-15 the year before....this team is bad. Really bad.

The great people at Bud have placed LOCKED refrigerators all around the city and in suburban areas. Theses "special refrigerators" are obviously placed in bars and taverns. They are stocked with FREE Bud Light. That's right, FREE BUD LIGHT!

But they won't open until Cleveland wins a football game. So, we could be waiting for a while. Like I said before, the team went 0-16 last year. I'm worried about the born on date expiring before they win a game.

The refrigerators will be triggered via smart technology and opened right after that first win. Fans will be able to celebrate with FREE beer all over the great city of Cleveland.(If it ever happens)

The first regular season game of the year for the Browns is on Sunday, September 9th. Cleveland will be taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Good luck Cleveland, we're all counting on you.


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