As summer rolls on we have had some great shows roll through Eastern Iowa, and western Illinois. Earlier this month, July, REO Speedwagon sold out the McGrath Amphitheatre with a crowd of 3,700 fans. That stands as the all-time attendance record for the venue. By all accounts, it was an AWESOME show. But, we're far from done with great classic rock in C.R.!

REO Speedwagon photo by Jeff Hackbarth

Foreigner hits the McGrath Amphitheatre in early August

Coming up on Wednesday, August 11, Foreigner is bringing its greatest his to the McGrath Amphitheatre! Hits like, Urgent, Long, Long Way From Home, Feels Like The First Time, Hot Blooded, Juke Box Hero, Cold As Ice, I Want To Know What Love Is and tons more! You can purchase tickets here, and you can win 'em from us!

Micki Slick has your Foreigner tickets all this week!

During the week of July 26, listen to the nooner with Micki Slick. At some point during the noon hour, Micki will play a Foreigner song (two in a row on Two-fer Tuesday). When you hear her play one of Foreigner's huge hits, be caller 9 at 319-365-1111 to win a pair of tickets to the show in August. Micki could start the hour with a Foreigner song... or end the hour with one. You'll have to listen to win. If you're away from your radio during lunch, be sure you listen on your free KRNA app, which you can get below if you don't already have it.

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Foreigner Concert Promo

See Foreigner on August 11 at the McGrath Amphitheatre with 94.1 KRNA!

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