I’m really looking forward to the Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon and Tesla concert Monday night at the US Cell Center. I love concerts and especially like to people watch. Here are five of my favorite types of rockers that I expect to spot in the crowd.

  1. The Mullet – This guy hasn’t changed his hair style since 1987. Business up front, and party in the back! I say that’s cool. Let your freak flag fly!


  1. The Stoner – Can you smell that? It’s my “bud” the Stoner. There’s one in every crowd, and it’s a rock concert, for crying out loud. I just hope that stoner doesn’t get too close to the cops!


  1. The Frat-Boy – He’s cute, and he’s always got a bunch of pals with him who are almost as cute as he is. So, I may flirt a little with him but it’s all harmless fun.


  1. The Chick That Looks Like Joan Jett – She is my favorite, black leather jacket and skin tight pants. She’s still as skinny as she was in high school. Good for her! If I could pull it off, I’d be wearing the same thing. Flaunt it, sister!


  1. The Air Guitar Wizard – This guy knows all the chords and all the riffs. I’m sure he sounds just like the band…in his head. As long as he’s not bumping into me and spilling my beer, it’s all cool with me.


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