5. There are nine million bicycles in Beijing, China.  And not just according to the international hit song by Katie Malua. The population is just over 8 million, which means someone is hoarding bikes. Beijing has been China's capital city since 1421. That's nearly 600 years which makes it twice as old as our own country's total existence.

4. In any given room of about 22 people, the odds of two of them sharing a birthday are extremely high. If the random sample of people is asked to reveal aloud the month and day of their birth, it is highly likely someone will call out "mine, too!" before the challenge has concluded.

3. Philo T. Farsnworth was the one who invented television, but his efforts to bring the technology to market was derailed by competition if not downright sabotage. Much like Nikola Tesla laid the groundwork in the advancements of radio, Philo did much the same with TV. But some say that greedy corporate bastards basically got the credit, and the profits for decades to come. Philo invented a lot of other cool stuff too.

2. Alligators and Crocodiles are basically dinosaurs, since they have been around for over 30 million years. Alligators are either American or Chinese, no other alligators species have survived. Crocodiles are found in Africa, Asia, Australia, and in the Americas.  Crocs are nastier than Gators and are more prone to aggression.

1. Of the 50 United States, there are 23 states that have coastlines. The state with the shortest amount of coastline is New Hampshire with about 13 miles. Eight states have coastlines on the Great Lakes. What's so great about coastline? Beaches, and the babes that visit them...oh yeah.


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