Everyone is welcome at Uptown Friday Nights! (At least those aged 21 and older). It's a fun, cheap night of entertainment and there's always something for everyone. We've narrowed it down to the five types of people you'll always see at one of these events. Tell us if you agree.

1. The Social Butterfly

The music is just one component of the night to the social butterfly, who just wants to chat it up with anyone who will listen.


2. The Guy That's Really Into The Music

Oh, he tries to be social. But some people just can't make it work when they're in the zone. Like this guy...he knows all the chords and nevermind if he mangles the lyrics. He's on a roll....


3. The Pizza Hog

Uptown Friday Nights might be the only thing that gets this dude out of his house. Beer and pizza aplenty? He's there. You might worry that by the time you get to the front of the line, everything is gone - never fear, it's Paul Revere Pizza - they're local so it never actually runs out.


4. The Stylish Cougar

This is the woman who is always dressed in style...of someone 20 years younger! She's NOT having a midlife crisis, but she dresses like someone half her age. Hey sister, if you can pull it off, more power to you! The guys LOVE it. And the other ladies? If they smirk and look away it could mean they're JEALOUS.


5. The Cheapskate

Nothing wrong with trying to save a buck and this is one place you won't be judged for it. That's why Uptown Friday Nights is right up their alley. $5 to get in for a 21 and over show. It's the best quality entertainment you can get for a low-dough price. We hope to see you there!


Whichever category you fit into or don't among the above list, we are happy to have your support for Cedar Rapids Jaycees in their work toward building our community. Join us this or any other Friday night for Uptown Friday Nights!