While medical experts were working against the clock to prevent a measles outbreak in Iowa, we get word of the first documented case of the illness found in our state.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says it has confirmed its first measles case in Iowa since 2011. The health department did not give a more specific location.

Department of Health officials on Monday said the person was not vaccinated and recently came back from Israel, where measles is spreading.

KCRG reported that over the weekend that officials confirmed the case through testing at the State Hygienic Lab. The infected person has cooperated with health officials, according to a press release.

CBS2 News recently spoke with Jennifer Miller from the Johnson County Public Health Department, who said measles  is "very easily spread, you don't need a lot to get sick with it, and it stays in the air for up to a couple of hours after someone's been there."

[source: CBS2 News, KCRG]

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