Somewhere in Eastern Iowa, a pair of 2018 Iowa Hawkeyes Season Tickets have been carefully hidden.

Your mission is to track them down using the daily clues given on air by Jaymz Larson at 7:15 a.m. Listen for your chance to call and guess the location to win the grand prize!

It's the return of HAWKEYE HIDE AND SEEK on 94.1 KRNA with the biggest prize pack imaginable! Someone is going to win 2 season tickets for 2018, including Iowa Hawkeyes Football, Men's and Women's Basketball and Men's Wrestling.


  • Monday 8/6: Last year the tickets were found in a jet, north of there this year is a much better bet.
  • Tuesday 8/7: North of the jet is where you should go, but searching near Solon?  That would be a no.
  •  Wednesday 8/8: On to the north to Mt. Vernon we roll, but look around, still a no-go
  •  Thursday 8/9: Maybe 380 would be a better route, but stopping in North Liberty, I have my doubts
  •  Friday 8/10: Passing the area made famous by the Wright Brothers, but I wouldn’t stop there, I would look for others.
  • Monday 8/13: If your travels have brought you to C.R., I would say you are right on par.
  • Tuesday 8/14: Golf’s not the answer in a hole do not peek, a less rural area is what you should seek.
  • Wednesday 8/15: Marion is such a beautiful town, but searching for tickets there will leave you with a frown.
  • Thursday 8/16: Hiawatha, that’s a tough one to rhyme, so we will just tell you don’t waste your time.
  • Friday 8/17: In search of the tickets all over you’ll go, but there’s really no reason to head to New Bo.
  • Monday 8/20: Back north up 380 we go and be careful not to swerve, maybe hop off before the big curve.
  • Tuesday 8/21: Downtown is where you now sit, looking around here would be a big hit.
  • Wednesday 8/22: Our clues have brought you downtown in a blink, but don’t look for the tickets where you can buy a drink.
  • Thursday 8/23: Around downtown there’s lots of places to hear songs, pick one of them and you would be wrong.
  • Friday 8/24: Hawk fans have black and gold in their blood, could the tickets be located where there once was a flood?
  • Monday 8/27: Jimmy Buffet loves this life, its's easy and breezy and has little strife.
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