There is a surprising new trend happening across the U.S. that has many worried.

It seems that fear and paranoia are causing some to mistakenly report "suspicious" activity to police, only to find out there is nothing illegal going on.

In Cedar Falls, KWWL reported a woman claimed on Facebook she was followed and grabbed in a "kidnapping attempt" in a Wal Mart parking lot on Sunday night August 12. But after checking into those claims, cops found no evidence of the occurrence.

Cedar Fall Police Chief Jeff Olson responded on Facebook, "Due to the concern for community safety, the CFPD reviewed video footage from Walmart and the claim appears to be unfounded. At this time no report has been filed."

And just last week, USA TODAY reported a young black man was harassed by a white woman in Milwaukee, WI for absolutely nothing.

He was simply getting into his own parked car, and she yelled at him because she thought he was attempting to steal it. Then she called the cops. The young man smartly took video of her from across the street, and waited for the cops to arrive. Within minutes they apologetically let him go.

Here's another example of this disturbing trend:

Who knows what motivates those who "mistakenly" files these kind of charges?

We know it's a dangerous world, and we appreciate those "Good Samaritans" who "have our back". But when fear and prejudice begin to have this kind of impact on our society, it's time we take a look at ourselves and our motives - before our actions get out of hand and someone gets hurt, due to our own damn stupidity, prejudice and ignorance.


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