According to KWWL, "Over the last month, police in an Iowa town have gotten several reports of prop money, or, more specifically, people trying to pass it off as actual currency."

The bills being passed around are actually "Hollywood bills" that would be used in a television production or movie. I've actually purchased about $100,000 of this type of money for a television program I work on called "The Heartland Poker Tour."

The money looks real, but it says FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY right on the bill. The clerks who have taken this money in obviously haven't looked very closely at the bills.

The other problem is the pen used to detect the counterfeit bills will also work on the fake money. So for clerks in a hurry, it looks like real money and it gets past them.

I got a fake bill in a card game once. I was out $100 and I wasn't very happy!

Then again, I won $800 that night so I wasn't too upset.

Just be careful and double check all bills especially in the Waterloo area.

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