Happy Friday everyone! Be sure and get out today and enjoy some of this "February weather." As you can see in the graphic above, we're looking to set a new record for high temperatures on this day, February 17th.

So, what's causing this heat wave and lack of ice and snow? I'm not really sure, nor do I really care. Today after lunch, I plan to hit a bucket of golf balls at Twin Pines in Cedar Rapids. After that, I'll run my vehicle through the car wash. I'm also going to take out the grill and make some steaks...Typical stuff we do in the month of February here in Iowa.

According to Justin Roberts from CBS2, "We'll stay warm for at least the next six days in the southern half of the area. Sunshine will reign through the weekend and it will be dry Sunday and most of Monday" That works for me.

Enjoy the weather and have an awesome weekend!

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