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Danielle Calef - KRNA Super Server 2017
Danielle Calef - KRNA Super Server 2017

Congratulations to Danielle Calef, a server at the Historic Star Bar and Grill in Fairfax, IA.

With over 4,770 total votes cast in the KRNA competition, Danielle scored 559 votes or 11.71% of the total vote. She wins the title of KRNA's Eastern Iowa Super Server for 2017 as your favorite server.

KRNA has loaded a prize pack with concert tickets, station merch and other goodies for our grand prize winner, valued at over $500. Danielle will be our guest on the KRNA Morning Show with Jaymz Larson tomorrow, Wednesday November 1st at 8:15 a.m.

There were dozens of waitresses (and one waiter) nominated for the competition, all of whom received a share of votes. Here is a list of the Top Ten Servers and the number of votes each received.

  1. Danielle Calef - 559
  2. Jessica Borkgren - 489
  3. Loretta Harding - 347
  4. Sara Hewitt - 267
  5. Taylor Pilcher - 238
  6. Terri Calinsky-Kacena - 222
  7. Lizz Burgess - 219
  8. Jayden Bisson - 215
  9. Austinie Myers - 198
  10. Lisa Sherman - 195

Our thanks to all the servers who participated and for all their customers, family and friends who voted!

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