While it may not have hit the #1 best award, Cedar Rapids proudly ranks in the Top 15 best run cities in the U.S.

The Eastern Iowa town that has seen it's share of floods and economic recessions over the past ten years has also weathered these storms valiantly.

According to a new study released by  Wallet Hub our city is doing a lot of things right, which is why it ranks so high in the study of 150 U.S. cities and towns, large and small.

In fact Cedar Rapids ranked #13 best run city in America. That's not too shabby!


The "City of Five" scored in the Top 50 for safety, and in the Top 20 for it's economic strength. We also ranked in the Top 25 for "Quality of City Services" offered.

So which city ranked #1? Nampa, Idaho.

I've never even heard of Nampa, Idaho, but it sounds like a nice place to live. But I like it here, in lucky number #13 - good ol' Cedar Rapids, IA.

courtesy Wallet Hub
courtesy Wallet Hub


[source: Wallet Hub]

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