Thanksgiving is that time of year when family stories like these make you realize what the holiday is all about.

Not to be too mushy, but seriously, if this doesn't make you think, remember or reminisce about family members that have passed on, that's too bad.

It brought back a flood of memories for me, and all the folks that I won't see on Thanksgiving. Worse yet, there were some I've never had a chance to say "goodbye" to.

That's why the moment Norbert Schemm, who served on the US Coast Guard, asked to share "one last beer with his sons" means so much.

Schemm died, aged 87, last Wednesday, but the moment he had with his sons is one that each of his kids will remember forever.

Turns out, we won't forget either. Schemm's grandson, Adam, shared a picture of his departed grandad with his own father and uncle's hoisting a beer one final time.

Adam Schemm's photo on Twitter has been retweeted over 30,000 times.


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