It's not all barbeques and beer for me this weekend (But there will be a lot of that, thanks to the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price) as I remember the fallen, and celebrate the freedoms their service provided me.

Every Memorial Day weekend, I take a little time to sit in awe and wonderment of what the concept of service even means--and I do that by watching true stories-based movies. They never fail to bring me to tears (Which is why I generally watch them alone) nor to make me appreciate the freedom I was born into.

If you haven't seen these, I highly recommend that you do. If not this weekend, then soon. If you have one that means something to you--please let me know so I can watch it too.

I cannot believe the strength and commitment that the people who stand between me and oppression. I know we aren't perfect in this country, but I like to remember the ways so many of its soldiers try to make it that way for us.

What are your favorites? I prefer the stories with a real-life inspiration. And especially if they are based on a book about the experience.

Thank you to those who sacrificed it all to give us our freedom.

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