He's only 13-years-old, and his first real estate development already has millions of logged visitors...online, that is. Dubuque teenager Luke Thill built a tiny house in his back yard that has all (well...most) of the amenities you'd need to live a decent life packed into less than ninety square feet.

The best part about it is that Thill did it mostly all by himself. According to the Des Moines Register, the teen did have a little help, but not for free:

An electrician neighbor helped him wire it — if Thill cleaned out his garage. A Scout leader he knew helped him lay carpet in the loft bedroom — if he cut his lawn.

The young builder's father, Greg, said the project was completely self-funded by his son using money he earned over the 18-month-long building process. The Des Moines Register continues:

[H]e worked alongside his son to guide him, but [...] Luke learned much on his own — framing a structure and wiring, dealing with adults, making tough financial decisions and staying on budget.

You can see a full tour of the tiny house given by the builder himself below.  This video alone has garnered over 4.5 MILLION views! Good going, Luke!

I just hope he gets some heat in that thing before winter comes again.

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