Sometimes we have to take the situation into our own hands when we can help fight a problem and that is just what one mattress store owner did in Dubuque.

According to KWWL, the owner of the Dubuque Mattress Factory, Douglas Dolter, has recently decided to use the materials he owns to give back to the community and help fight the Coronavirus. Dolter had heard about supplies not being available for not only hospitals and medics but also those who need masks and gloves and what not for those with health deficiencies. When he heard about people using bandanas  as masks to go out in public, he realized he had something better... the supplies in his mattress store!

Dolter and his team at the factory are now making masks from pillowcases. The pillowcases would have a slot in the mask that you can put disposable filters in as well. Although not sufficient for doctors and nurses dealing with patients with COVID-19, they are ideal for every day patrons to go out in public for groceries and other needs.

Dolter and his team have been making masks since this weekend and have already made over 1,000 masks and have been running out of these masks every day due to high demand. Dolter is now asking for more community members to volunteer to help with the demand.

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